River Yogini

Yoga is about giving in, about letting all of life’s distractions fall by the wayside so you can experience the energies and sensations that surround us. Yoga is about going with the flow, something a river knows how to do very fell. Like how a river can’t progress if there is debris blocking its path, a person cannot achieve the full benefits of yoga if they are weighed down by outside worries and concerns. River yogis know how to take a cue from our rivers by letting their sounds and smells wash away the mental noise to leave a soothing stillness. We know not everyone lives by a waterway, so in order to channel the river (see what we did there?), we at Outdoor Yogini have designed a line of athletic yoga pants that are directly inspired by it. Choose from styles of scenic leggings that feature waterfalls and winding forest rivers to find a wearable sense of serenity that will help you go with the flow wherever you may be. Shop our collection of river- and waterfall inspired athletic yoga pants and all of our other scenic leggings and capris today!