Surf Yogini

Designed with the surf-loving yogi in mind, this collection of ocean print leggings and surf capri leggings features beautiful scenes of the sea, breaking waves, beachside sunsets, and an ocean-blue moon. If you have never practiced yoga on the beach, you’re in for a very sandy surprise. Oceanside yoga stimulates the senses and allows for your “blue mind” to take over. Water triggers a meditative state that submerges worries and floats feelings of peace, unity, creativity, and general happiness to the surface. These natural benefits are only expanded upon when paired together with the soothing effects of practicing yoga. While we know you can’t always find the time to make it to the beach for a yoga session, our ocean print leggings will help you to channel your blue mind wherever you go. Explore our online collection of surf capri leggings and yoga pants today and find the space that speaks to you.