Mountain Yogini

Practicing yoga produces a natural mental, emotional, and physical high that can only be built upon if practiced outdoors. While flat land yoga is the preferred method for some, there is another breed of yogi that loves to scale tall peaks to experience their yoga high at new heights. Mountaintop or mountainside yoga comes with its own series of benefits, including its ability to regulate breathing, eliminate distraction, and reveal the true immensity of nature. (Not to mention they provide killer photo-ops). Mountains and yoga go so well together that one of the most prominent poses is simply named the mountain pose. We know that Everest and the Alps aren’t accessible to everyone, so we at Outdoor Yogini designed a beautiful collection of mountain-inspired printed yoga capris and printed workout tights so you can stand on top of the world wherever you go. Choose between scenes featuring some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world.  Whether you prefer your peaks to be topped with snow, reflected in a lake, or draped in a sunset, we guarantee that you’ll find your happy high-place. Stand tall in our mountain printed yoga capris and printed workout tights today!